The Heritage Project Magazine

Our project is based on promoting cultural awareness and sensitizing pupils to local and global heritage through history, literature and music, drama and art. Throughout the schools cooperation, the pupils will know the region they live in better, together with discovering a new country. Pupils will become more open-minded and interested in other cultures through the experiences gained in the project. We hope that they will make use of the good opportunities offered by the European Union and become mature “European” citizens with and understanding of European and global issues.

          Martin Luther once said: “We cannot long survive spiritually separated in a world that is geographically together”. This quote perfectly underlines one of our main aims.

This project will addressing the following topics:

  • Cultural awareness
  • Our Historical roots
  • Cultural heritage/The remains of the past
  • European citizenship
  • European values
  • English language
  • Competence music and drama skills

My experience in Mstow,by Nisa Duru

Hi my name is Nisa Duru İ and my friend Zeynep is Maya home Mostow was a very big places where every historic place ı visited was very nice the only thing that puts me in trouble here is school meals and this is a very social place ı liked both my family and Mustow here also added to the weather never warms up
[23:59, 25.5.2019] Ayşe Cihangir: I love you Mstow

My experience in Mstow,by Zeynep Doğa

Hi, my experience at Mstow was incredible. I’m staying in Maya. I’m staying with my friend’s friend Nisa.Maya and Ola become very close friends. Mom, Maya’s mother, she’s nice to us. Her father’s funny. He’s always joking and having fun. And Maya’s brother. His name is Zuzia. Zuzia is a very beautiful girl and fun. I love Poland in a beautiful country. I almost liked Istanbul. The people here are very nice and very nice people. I made a lot of friends at school. Everyone loved us very much. They are also very sweet people with grand parents and grandparents who live near us. My adventure in Mstow. I really enjoyed it, and I had mixed feelings, I’ll miss my friends.

My experience in Mstow,by Durukan

Hi everyvone Im DURUKAN ORTAÇ my in poland experience is realy good Im excited a first day but I beat my excited and now Im very happy I had a new friends and I take very gift
I think its very good experience and everyvone is try families is very hot blooded I cant forgot this experience

And my experience are
-I learing for go to the plane
-I do is staying a another home

  • I learned to prepare suitcases

I have learnt you have to make friends everywhere, even in Poland. They take me places and are very kind to me. I live with İzabela, a very nice she. Also, with his sister, natalka. The mother is always giving me food and love . The father is always talking to me. Alan also lives with his grandmother, who are always talking me.

And another go to my friends you should get a very clothes gift and shoes!

-I visited wawel castle,salt mine,and very another place

My experience in Mstów, by Mehdi

Up to now, the experience has been unforgettable. I have learnt you have to make friends everywhere, even in Poland. They take me places and are very kind to me. One thing that surprises me is how much they eat. I live with Alicja, a very nice boy, a bit older than me. Laurga, with his Sister, Alicja also lives with his grandparents, who are always smiling.I played UNO.I want to again go to the Poland.

Our experience in Poland

1st day activities

First impressions about Poland

2nd day activities

Trip to Krakow

3rd day activities

Rehearsals day…

4th day activities

Street rehearsals & trip to Czestochowa

5th day activities

The big Show…

Behind the scene

Carmen Șeuleanu – final impressions

The word that can describe this week is: FUN

Maria Teioșanu – final impressions

The word that can describe this week is: AMAZING

Alex Nedelcu -final impressions

The week I felt very happy…

Raul Purcărea – final impressions

The word that can describe this week is: FRIENDS

Alex Bomboe -final impressions

The word that can describe this week is: EXCITING