First feedback of the Erasmus mobility – Daniele and Federica talk about their experience

“Interview with two students who took part in Erasmus in Spain, Valencia.
Daniele tell me your opinion…”

“It’s been a nice trip … I did not have any particular expectations because I had no idea what the trip would be like … it’s been a wonderful experience and I’ve been happy. We met other people, visit the city and learn a bit about Spanish culture.”
“Federica tell us something about this Erasmus experience…”

“Well … this experience has been very nice … even being in the family was very interesting and allowed me to grow up because I was alone, without my parents, and allowed me to improve my English, because I communicated with they in English.
The school is very interesting, different from ours, very beautiful … Even the experience of acting with students of other countries has been very interesting and educational.
This is a picture of me with the girl who hosted me.”