The first day(Umut Muzikacı

İt is great

I went to school.We played Trurli Trurli and Rosiniolita.

Tour Day

I went to Peleş Castle. I went to Dracula Castle.


I went to school and went to museum.I worked music and dance.I went to animals museum.


I went to school and worked music and dance.I went to outside.


I went to theater.I worked danse and music.I played Trurli Trurli and Rosiniolita.We went to home.

The first day (Arda Kılıç)

We went to the school ,we did the drama and played the flut.

The school

Tour Day ( tuesday )

We went to the bus after get on bus. We went to the peles castle and dracula castle.

Museum ( wednesday )

We went to the museum . It is a very great ıt is a animals museum .Very good today

Great museum ( thursday )

We went to school after we went to museum ıt is a great. After we work the is a great today

Theater( friday )

It is a great . I had breakfast and I went to theatre. I work the drama ,music ,dance and I come home ıt is a great.