Melisa Turkey

My experiences about Spain is that this country is so beautiful,the persons in here are so kind and friendly . At the same time I have learned that how special this project is for me. I’ll miss everybody that I met in Spain.I hope I’ll be able to see them again. I love Spain I’m gonna miss Valencia so much . 

First feedback of the Erasmus mobility – Daniele and Federica talk about their experience

“Interview with two students who took part in Erasmus in Spain, Valencia.
Daniele tell me your opinion…”

“It’s been a nice trip … I did not have any particular expectations because I had no idea what the trip would be like … it’s been a wonderful experience and I’ve been happy. We met other people, visit the city and learn a bit about Spanish culture.”
“Federica tell us something about this Erasmus experience…”

“Well … this experience has been very nice … even being in the family was very interesting and allowed me to grow up because I was alone, without my parents, and allowed me to improve my English, because I communicated with they in English.
The school is very interesting, different from ours, very beautiful … Even the experience of acting with students of other countries has been very interesting and educational.
This is a picture of me with the girl who hosted me.”

Nisa Turkey

That week was very special for me. Because I saw Spain for the first time. Spanish people was very kind and cheerful. On my first day, we played games with a church group. I met with new people in here and i loved them. On the second day, there was a parade of animals. I saw the horses. The next day, school started and I woke up at 07.40, It was too early for me. I had my breakfast and then went to school. At school, we did practice and me and my friends met with Spanish people. They were so kind to us. Friday was our last day and it was the big day because we were going to do our show to the public. I was very excited and nervous because I scared to forget my cue. But nothing happened and we did very well. In the end of the show, Melisa cried because she was sad for going back to Turkey like me. We had a lot of fun in Spain and I hope me and my friends can go to the Spain again. Thanks for the Erasmus Project

Sude Turkey

My experience in Spain was incredible. Because I loved the architecture of the building the delicious food and Spanish people were so friendly. I had the best time of my life there and the moments I shared with my friends were unforgettable.

Selin Turkey

It was awesome to be in Spain with my best friends and with a good family. This is my first time in Spain and about my experiences, i think Spain is very beautiful about everything and staying with a very good family like them made it better. I want to thank to my teachers for this opportunity and the family i stayed with. THANK YOU 👍😘❤️