The Heritage Project Magazine

Our project is based on promoting cultural awareness and sensitizing pupils to local and global heritage through history, literature and music, drama and art. Throughout the schools cooperation, the pupils will know the region they live in better, together with discovering a new country. Pupils will become more open-minded and interested in other cultures through the experiences gained in the project. We hope that they will make use of the good opportunities offered by the European Union and become mature “European” citizens with and understanding of European and global issues.

          Martin Luther once said: “We cannot long survive spiritually separated in a world that is geographically together”. This quote perfectly underlines one of our main aims.

This project will addressing the following topics:

  • Cultural awareness
  • Our Historical roots
  • Cultural heritage/The remains of the past
  • European citizenship
  • European values
  • English language
  • Competence music and drama skills

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